Hello everyone,

 you may not know that in May will be our 3 year anniversary! We are doing something special! Instead of just having a one month special we are doing it for 2 months!

This special will be from April 1st - June 30th.
Please check out the event on our Facebook here https://fb.me/e/1cnvsOgDd then join and invite your friends and family. This would be really helpful.

Here's the special:

60 minute massage= $55 (If you see the same therapist each time).
60 minute massage= $49 ( if you see a different therapist each time)

Gift Card ( Limit one per person)
60 minutes = $55
90 minutes = $85

Hot stone add on only $10

Packages of 60 minutes
(limit one package per client)
Pack 3= $150
Pack 6= $300

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