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Help Us Celebrate 5 Years This May 

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Hello everyone, our small business Natural Forces Massage is having its 5 year anniversary this May 2023!  Due to our amazing clients, employees, and Gods grace we have made it through pandemics, an office flood from the pipes bursting in the 2021 freeze, and much more!  

Every year we try to show appreciation to our customers by giving back with amazing specials and raffles! 

Before you go further please check out our event on Facebook for this celebration and share with your friends by inviting them or tagging them in a post. 

Click here to join the event! 

What do we mean raffles?  First lets talk about how to earn tickets for free and super easy!  

1. Leave us a review on Google, Yelp, our Facebook page @naturalforcesmassage, Nextdoor or other review sites. Just email our frontdesk nfmfrontdesk@naturalforcesmassage.com which platform you reviewed us on. 

2. Join our Facebook group by clicking here and participating in a post

3. Follow our other social media pages!  Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest

At the end of the month we will be raffling prizes of all sorts!  Ranging from hot stone addons, massage giveaways, packages, and more...

Check out our Amazing Deals Below: 

( Starting May 1st and ending May 31st! )
We will have specials on our individual massage sessions, Gift Cards, Packages AND Add-Ons! ❤️❤️

- Gift Cards -
60 minute massage - $55
+ Cupping - $60
+ Hot Stones - $65

90 minute massage - $85
+ Cupping - $90
+ Hot Stones - $95

- Packages -
(3) 60 minute massages - $165
(6) 60 minute massages - $330
(3) 90 minute massages - $225
(6) 90 minute massages- $510

- Add Ons -
Cupping- $5
Hot Stones- $10

**There is a limit of 1 package per client**

**Limit of 2 gift cards per client**

You can call us at 281-570-2945, text us at 281-673-8024, email us at nfmfrontdesk@naturalforcesmassage.com, Facebook message us, OR come to the office to purchase!!😉😉

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