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Terms and Conditions 

Here at Natural Forces Massage in Atascocita, Texas we try our best to be fair to our clients, while also protecting our small business. 
Below you will see all of the policies we have. Including cancelation policy and refund policy. 

                                                                                       Cancelation Policy:

Did you know that our massage therapist are independent contractors? This means they are not paid hourly, rather they are paid per massage they do.  Due to this we need to make sure they stay busy and paid well. Otherwise they will leave and we wont be able treat our clients. This is why even if a client doesn't show to their appointment we make sure to pay them. Here at Natural Forces we have a 5 hour cancelation policy.
If a client doesn't cancel in this time frame there will be a $45 charge. 

To protect our business we require a card on file to book an appointment. 
Reason being is we actually tried in the past not putting it on file. Unfortunately it resulted in a lot of lost income from clients not showing to thier appointment. This also prevented us from getting another client who would have showed in. 

There is one exception to the 5 hour window. Check out the Picture below: 

Here at Natural Forces Massage we do have a heart when it comes to an emergency.   
If a client late cancels or doesn't show to their appointment due to an emergency
the following will occur:
Since we still pay our therapist there is as still a $45 charge.
However the $45 will be added to the clients account that they can use a different day. This insures the therapist gets paid on that day and the client can still use it at a later date. 

Emergencies are at the owners discretion.
                                                                                            Refund Policy: 

As a small business we don't have the funds that a normal franchise would. As a result here is the policy toward gift cards and packages that are purchased.  

Gift Cards Expires 1 year after purchase date. Refundable within 2 weeks of purchase. 
Packages Refundable within 1 week of purchase

Packages do not expire. 

Packages or Loyalty programs are transferable without a fee. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 281-570-2945
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